Every Day is an Opportunity to Transform Energy

The HOPE Background to Begin the Journey

In all progressive systems, the reality fields are constructed within the modalities of possibilities and probabilities and the ensuing probable outcome they can unfold within the settings of the larger holographic resonance fields, which lie beneath all manifest realities.

Furthermore, all reality fields regulate their code sequences and energy units to the numerous other reality fields within the group of adjacent systems and universes, a system is part of. And our reality fields will be fine-tuned to the incoming energies from the connected-to-our-system progressive resonance fields, we once were entangled with, fueling the holographic grids of our system along with the sun.

The reality fields are built of radiation and vibration energies. These two forms of energy are part of our energy system as well. Thus, our energy systems correlate to the reality fields, affecting these and are being affected by them too.


So, when we create new energy patterns utilizing the lower order fields, be it emotional or mental patterns in our processes of feeling and thinking, we create more distortion and add to the pollution of our reality. 


Because of this, in our progressive processes, we have to utilize the higher order energies in all that we do, and that includes how we think, feel and how we perceive reality.

Study When When You Are Ready

The Higher Order DE1 Free Material

Working with the Body-Mind Connection in a New Way

Continuing Our Learning into the HOPE DE1 New Perception

Clearing Our Past to be Able to Work with the Future

Where Do We Begin the HOPE DE1 Approach to Life?

The holographic-energetic dynamics and mechanics will become clear as our system regains its original composition, and humanity becomes sensitive to energy again. Although, as long as humans only develop their brains within the frequency-based ways of processing information, it is not possible to work with the progressive information on the higher order levels. Only by expanding the brain´s capacity, is it possible to grasp the wholeness of the universal complexity, the many reality fields of sequenced energy and consciousness, the possibility and probability energy units and how the holographic principles truly work.

Information systems of a higher order, are systems that develop and change because reality fields develop and change. And humans are to learn to live in and be part of a changing reality.


To meetup with this changing world, humans are to upgrade, adjust and adapt in a much more efficient way than hitherto. Humans must expand all that they are energetically and consciously. Our world must become a high-performance culture to meetup with the requirements of the future.

The Original DE1 Outer Domain Energetic Dynamics

In the work to gain the original DE1 Outer Domain energies, we understand how they are represented the bio-field code sequences connected to the body, the vibrational field and the radiation field. 

The energies are dynamic in nature because they permeate each other. The dynamics are in concordance with the properties of the energy in use within that section.

The properties of the different forms of energy can be changed via alterations in the code systems.

Below are the 6 original layers of energy within the original reality fields connected to the true 6-layered energy system of the transformative energy system connected to the template:


  1. Radiation – emission outwardly spherical waves MDDE2
  2. Vibration – vibration or resonance oscillation spiral MDDE2
  3. Coding Sequences - composing the energy fields MDDE2
  4. Holographic – as lattice networks, dynamic ODDE1
  5. Holographic – as grids, dynamic ODDE1
  6. Crystalline/geometrical – fixed fields via plasma crystal technologies ODDE1

Get the Foundation at the HAL Academy

We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that actions must be taken to change that.

We also work to bring the higher order sciences to people’s attention and the how-to assist for a better future for this and the next generations of humans.

The Holographic Energetic Worldview

  • All progressive energy units are congregated in holographic grids, composing the holographic resonance fields.
  • The holographic resonance fields are the foundation of realities.
  • The holographic resonance fields are based upon sequences of information, that express certain possibilities and probabilities.
  • Within the holographic resonance fields certain probabilities are unfolded; these are the clusters of information, often connected to a timeline or code stream.
  • A timeline is a developed section of the holographic grid, where a sequence of information has generated a probable outcome, i.e. a determined sequence within the holographic resonance field.
  • Within such a code stream, or timeline, energy patterns become possible, since they are manifested groupings of energy units.
  • All energy patterns then begin to define the probable outcome of the main field, by affecting the remaining possibility rate of that field. The more defined energy patterns a reality field holds, the less opportunity for changes there is.
  • A holographic resonance field is completed, when it is composed of sequences of timelines and energy patterns. All energy units, timelines and energy patterns must be according to the highest purity rate, the highest standards and the highest progression rate. If not, that field has to be cleared of the distortions to regain its flexibility. This is called a reset. After this, the field can unfold new possible outcomes.

Continue with the HOPE Material

The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic DE1 Work for a New Future is the continuation of the HAl Academy Progression Sciences and Material. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the HAL Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

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