The HOSE Awareness

The Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Awareness is the Next Step

In the HAL Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Ideas, I work with the next set of Challenges in our Continued Process to Develop our Higher Order Awareness Capacities to Change the Reality, We are Part of.

In the HAL Academy Courses, we worked with the Sciences Behind the Progression Work and how to implement these into our every day lives as HAL Changemakers, changing our ways and become the new type of human.

In the next level of our inner and outer work, we are stretched above and beyond the present-day concepts of what it means to do innovation and reality field entrepreneurship. Being truly awake and aware means to transform the energy units on an individual level first and then expand into being able to do the same with the holographic energy units upholding our reality field as well as being able to work in the other domains.

Standing Sovereign

Only by the Progressive Laws of our own Lineage can we stand energetically and consciously sovereign. We must know to the most absolute degree who and what we are, energetically and genetically, to be able to declare sovereignty. Thus, this is not a show-off of power (Principle 9) or an emission of energy to claim territory (Principle 8) but setting the holographic and energetic stage for this work and this book.

In the transition for higher order abilities someone must go first, do the initial work and generate the architecture from which others can develop their own holographic architectural version of what is needed to reconstruct their energy system, and via this endeavor regain the required conscious abilities to complete their adaptation processes this sector allows for.

The 3-Steps Start Up with the HOSE Awareness

The HAL Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Awareness Looks at the New Reality Challenges

To change the world, we must change the patterns of the past and evolve the patterns of the present into new forms. The future demands new perceptions of what a human is, and we are to develop the skillsets  and knowledge by our own effort and inner work. Only if we get-to-know who and what we are, can we change into a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be a human, ready for the changes to come.

Learning to Master the New Reality Programs

As part of the universal lineages, we engineer energetically driven vessels made of the same category of holographic-radiation-vibration energy units as the reality fields we choose to integrate our advanced consciousness potentials into.

There are two main sentences that need to be understood when we talk about the HAL Changemaker Project and its progression work: These are How to Develop the Personal Growth Potentials and How to Obtain Higher Awareness.

It can be difficult to see where the HAL Changemaker Project differs from the other alternatives that are out there, working with the same ideas, and in many ways – if I say that the HAL material is based upon higher order scientific concepts, that the higher awareness lifestyle is a philosophy and it is cross-disciplinary – it will not mean a lot to most.

So, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master the base program, or reality as it is, and with efficacy. That is the first step in all secret societies; how well do you excel within the base program? When this is understood, you also understand why I have taken the time to make the material for the HAL Project Blue Flower – excel in life first and then see if you can embark on the real work entering the alternate realities of our world.

Begin with the foundation – naturally that is the HAL Academy Courses.

Below are some extras for the purpose of refreshing your perception of what the individual work is about.

However, as you will learn, what really drives changes are the humans that instigate the changes, the new ideas and the new innovation. And it all comes down to psychology. We must change our emotional patterns from self-defense mechanisms into adaptability dynamics. From the basic need to shy away from challenges and into the up-front resilience of a HAL Changemaker.

Podcasts from the HAL YouTube Channel

Humanity must learn to live in energetic flux as the original energies of our solar system become an integral part of our perception of reality, learning to administer the past, present and the future in our daily efforts to follow the elevation of our solar system.

Get inspired with some insights into the HAL Progression Work, and why it is a good idea to do the inner work.

The future demands new perceptions of what a human is, and we are to develop into this knowledge.

We learn by doing it, and how it enhances the ability to function in life with higher self-confidence.


In the New Reality Program podcasts, we look at the holographic information systems behind the new reality programs as well as the inserted solar system tech, and from there we work with its technology, purpose and function along with the implications for humanity and the future human communities that will grow out of this tech.

Any Questions to the HOSE Awareness Material?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the HOSE Awareness Material or the HAL Academy.