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Learning to Transform Our Energy System is Key

The HOPE DE1 Blog 

The HOPE DE1 Reality Challenges qre upon us. Naturally, we work with these challenges in our energy and clearing work daily, setting aside hours every day to do so. We must keep up to manage the constant changes in our fields.

The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Method is the foundation of the proposed solutions, along with the HAL Progression Sciences and the Progression Work.

Someone Has to Go First - for the Highest Good of the Many

How to Live with the HOPE Density 1 Energy?

How do we get structured in our everyday life to reach our full potentials?

Lots of new ways of being human to learn as the patterns of change unfold around us.

The Key Words are:

1) Structure your day - be realistic in what is possible

2) Minimize your use of base program energy - transform into the higher order energies

3) Whatever you do use - use it to change the existing paradigms

4) Have a healthy life style (plant-based diet, dialy exercise and clearing work)

5) Clear and rebuild as much as possible per day rate

In this way, you set an example of the best version a human can be. The first step in the work with the New Reality Challenges is to be a role model of the better ways of being human.

We live by the sciences of what must be done, and we implement them into our everyday living. 

Understanding the higher order sciences cannot be done in the manner, most are accustomed to. Instead….

  • We are to contemplate upon the information to integrate it.
  • We are to learn to activate the energy units of our brain and mental field according to what we have learned in meditation.
  • We are to build spiral patterns from the information.
  • What we learn must be processed into energies of a higher order from where we can build a new energy system.

The learning process of the higher order sciences is not a linear learning exercise. It is a psychic-energetic state of awareness and the code systems behind whatever state of awareness, we have.

  • What we have knowledge of, defines our energy system.
  • What we have knowledge of, determines what we perceive.
  • The consciousness units are built from these two conditions.

The HOPE DE1 Blog 2023

Over the years, from 2007 to 2016, I went into sequences of inner-outer investigative and deep psychic-energetic processes to find techniques to amplify the higher order inner-outer psychic-energetic abilities through self-reconstruction techniques, altered state meditation and inner-outer contemplation processes.

The main idea behind this book is thus that humans can alter what they are, to the core of their essence, in diverse forms of inner-outer psychic-energetic processes. We do not need artificial chemical substances, or mind-altering remedies, to be able to activate, integrate and perform the higher order processes of the expanded human awareness.

However, a dedication to achieve an altered-state lifestyle and the daily effort to achieve the higher order expanded awareness, and what it takes to unfold this, is required. As with all things in life, we strive to master, the abilities to access and unfold the expanded awareness is a matter of training, although the daily training for this, in many cases, exceeds what the majority of people are willing to take on. Yet, what matters the most is rarely something that is granted without challenges, although we might want it to be that way.

The higher order holographic realities and their holographic multilayered energy units operate in dissimilar ways than our everyday reality physics and therefore the learning process to master these inner higher order levels of our capacities hold many inner and outer challenges. These developmental challenges are both of a physical nature as well as a psychological.

Moreover, in my mind, the sought-for progression abilities, and the expansion of our full consciousness capacities, are closely connected to our language, i.e., the thoughtforms behind what we want to express, the words we use to describe what we perceive, and how we choose to narrate our perceived relative reality using concepts and frames of reference. We must investigate the socio-psychological dynamics behind our culture and language, all of which add to our perception of self, others, and reality and how we choose to interact with it.

Furthermore, again as I see it, we must address and explore the unfinished and incomplete ways we have learned to process information systems, and systems of thoughts, because these are important in our discernment of the experienced holographic-energetic levels of our reality. What we know, defines what we can perceive and interact with of complex information systems, be it on everyday levels, within the paradigms of science or within the advanced holographic-energetic planes of existence.

Therefore, to achieve our full innate capacities and higher order abilities, large portions of the higher order awareness expansion processes must be centered around the full reconstruction of our holographic-energetic configuration behind our current organic vessel. We must also address the organic vessel with its higher and lower order bio-energetic field formations, defining the range of our higher order potentials, and investigate how far we can utilize these to reconnect to the higher order realms of our solar system and parallel reality fields.

We are bound to, if we are to utilize our full spectrum capacities, how to investigate and move beyond the general limited systems of thought into explorative paratheoretical information systems.

As I see it, we need an innovative approach to what reality is and what a human is.

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