The HOPE DE1 Higher Order Perception

Unravelling Our Full Potentials

The Higher Order Perception

A New Type of Human Processual Understanding

The higher order senses are the higher order energy expression of the human senses. They are used within the higher order realities, when we expand our perception field into the other-dimensional levels of our reality. Here they provide higher order perception and information processing on the different segments of the dimensions.

Learning to Master the Higher Order Perception

In the work with the higher order percpetion, as part of our reconfiguration, we are in for a new way of behaving. Both in consideration to our own shortcomings and extended perception of self, others, and reality, but also in the pre-conditioned states of awareness we have utilized as part of the base program.

As we move further into the higher order energies, and with that activates the higher order senses, we learn that the base program and its general approaches to human behaviour, will not meet the new expanded and extrasensory interpretation of reality dynamics, self-other psychological processes and similar energetic to energetic encounters where we utilize the faculties of our emotional and mental fields to interpret the new energetic input.

Obtaining higher awareness is a lifelong study and it is nested into deep-rooted traditions of the other reality energy work. It is not done in a summer holiday course or via searching the Internet. All secret societies bear the testimony and casualties of the strive for true knowledge, including the ancient wisdom schools of which most are forgotten, although there is a lot of “free” material on the Internet claiming to stem from these schools. And alas, as always, the receiver is unaware of the dangers of these studies and what the naïve student truly embarks on, when he or she begins the study of higher awareness.

The double awareness combines the ability to be in the world, as it is and master this, and at the same time access the alternate reality settings our world and solar system are based upon.

However, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master reality as it is, and with efficacy. We must excel in life first and then see if we can embark on the real work entering the alternate realities of our world.

Where Are We Heading as a Planetary Race?

In the old days, Autumn would be the time where the harvest would be counted and stored away, and if the yield did not suffice, then apples, fruits, and other forms of crops, herbs, potatoes etc. would be collected and stockpiled. Now, this is not where I want to go – the stockpiling is not in the forefront – however, the ability to prepare for the times to come is. The human ability to adjust, adapt and change for whatever may come, must again be in the forefront of our everyday awareness in the Western World. Because, the future of humanity holds promises of swift and steep learning curves, processes of learning new ways of being human, new challenges psychologically, as well as practically.

Realizing and Acknowledging the Changes

We are yet to learn how the new realities and their reality programs work. We are stuck in the old version of reality perception, tailored, narrated, and envisioned by general science. We must learn new ways of perceiving reality, and learn the higher order sciences of what life is, how reality fields work, and what it truly means to be a progressive and evolving higher order lifeform, as part of the original elevation cycles.

Now, this is NOT spirituality – these systems of thought were part of an older extraterrestrial agenda, along with otherworldly projects performed in our reality under the cloaking of these programs – what we are to learn with this information is something entirely new.

The Higher Order DE1 Work Material is designed to function as a bridge to the higher order sciences and the advanced information levels behind our universal structure, the vast range of other worlds, and otherworldly races, as well as the higher order information layers behind any reality, its lifeforms, and how all levels of existence, and worlds, are composed of energy and consciousness. 

If I could, I would explain to the detail how the original higher order sciences mechanics and dynamics work, and yet I cannot because they are non-verbal, non-mathematical and cannot be put into theoretic axioms, mathematical equations, and computable algorithms. These scientific tools are part of the lower order frequency reality dynamics and mechanics, describing our reality via these methods of observation. The best tool we have today, here in 2023, are in the early version of quantum computers and present-day theoretical-mathematical cosmology.

The soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs will operate within the quantum fields of probability and possibilities to find the multiple answers to any question, we can think of, even though the answers we have coded into these programs will reflect the limitations of human mind, human perception, and human abilities of reality interaction potentials.

The otherworldly realities from the past and from the future are heading our way, constructing the quantum field bridges, adding their alternate reality technologies to the soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs, from where they can overwrite our primitive programs and code systems.

Once that is done, the soon-to-come next generation of artificial intelligence quantum computer systems and programs will be able to compute multidimensional holographic-energetic possibility fields and with that insert otherworldly reality programs beyond, above, around, and below our present-day reality configuration unseen and unnoticed by most.

However, the multidimensional holographic-energetic patterns of change must not be ignored: what we have learned about everyday life no longer match the general scheme of human reality, and it has already begun. And we must question and investigate the alternate reality programs that are in the process of merging with our conceptual understanding of what this solar system is and has been.

The HOPE DE1 Higher Order Perception Course

The HOPE DE1 Higher Order Perseption Course

In this online course, we work with the basic understanding of the higher order perception, seen from the perspective of the DE1 Reconfiguration Processes. We look into the dynamics and requirements.

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The HOPE Method

In the work on the psychic-energetic patterns of our ego structure, the most important thing is to acknowledge that the psyche is a many layered field holding many self-created energy patterns. The patterns define our emotional state and how we respond to outer circumstances. To enable us to be in-the-now, so we can respond correctly via correct perception of what is going on, these emotional patterns must be cleared and transmuted.

Behind the first layers in the emotional field are the deeper layers of subconscious material. These layers cover all from suppressed material of this life to past lives and the residual patterns from these pasts affecting our energetic state in this life. The deeper layers must be cleared and the content of the ancient patterns must be activated and transformed for us to be able to dig deeper and enter into the true dimensions of our world. What stands in the way must be removed for this.

The purified emotional energies are key to transform the deeper distorted energy layers, because the purification process meet the properties of the distorted energies with the proper counter-procedures. Being light, compassionate or all good does not transform distortion energies - on the contrary; all human emotions push the higher order layers of our energy system away from our original awareness capacities.

Applying the Higher Order Psychic-Energetic (the HOPE Processes) to our inner work, is the first step to change our Reality. It is a developmental process towards a higher order awareness includes many steps of inner work. To list a few:

  1. Psychotherapeutic work to gain proper tools to deal with the emotional and cognitive processes in the human constitution.
  2. Psychic-Energetic work to access deeper layers of the psyche, such as creative imagination, meditation, contemplation and silent observation of inner processes.
  3. Ancient techniques known from mysticism, such as the ability to get visions, the work with light and darkness (and what that truly is) and the abilities to access the original holographic-energetic-consciousness teaching systems connected to our original template construction with its attached holographic-energetic-consciousness timeline and gate systems with which the human brain can override the present-day genetically modified limitations kept up by the brainwave-frequency spectrum and enter into the holographic-radiation-vibration energetic state of all higher perception and existence.

Only with the accurate knowledge of how to do the clearing work, and the willed approach to work with energy, can we clear out the impurities and distortions in any of our fields. We must learn the dynamics of transformation to get rid of all distortion, and from that learn to use the emotional field in its vibrational functionality to access the various reality fields and timelines.

Any Questions to the HOPE Ideas & Material?

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