The HOPE DE1 Past & Other Lives Work

Who & What Have You Been?

We must Clear the Past to be Able to Move to the Future

The first fact is that most do not know the full extent of the hidden realities and the extra-systemic reality programs, although many has looked at the diverse theories on this topic.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of this information is distorted deliberately. And, it must also be taken into consideration that these concepts and ideas are based upon the notions that we are dealing with humans like you and me, and not realizing that these groups of in-program humans are part of something hidden, an inner reality, secret for most with programs beyond their wildest fantasies.

The breakdown of the old hierarchal and hidden reality programs is beginning to show on the outside, in the forms of environmental changes and the collapse of the cultural institutions and ideologies. It is so, because as no one maintains the outer jurisdictions of the old DE2 races, the left overs are in free fall between the remaining off world races – often not so smart as the Elite, they used to be controlled by – and the other groups of exploiters trying to accrete what they can from our system, and transfer it (or link it up) to their own systems. We could call these groups for scavengers or tomb raiders. This level of chaos will rise in the years to come, and only the resilient ones amongst humanity will prevail in these future settings.

So, What Are We to Do?

Is it embarking on the ascension programs, where we are promised to get back to a soul state in a fluffy utopia world based upon outdated spiritual principles? Are we to be cling on to the hope of other races taking us to the 5D? Or are we to grow as a race into a consciousness-based race, having the ability of telepathy, influence on the hidden technologies, the ability to work with holographic-radiation-vibration energies in a scientific way understanding reality holograms, semi-to fully artificial reality constructions based upon holographic principles of possibilities and probabilities (not quantum), code streams and code sheets? Working to become able to communicate with the other human races placed in universes parallel to ours from mind to mind, sharing complex information as packages of energy and field sciences?


Being a true human has nothing to do with spirituality or being soul infused. The true human-humanoids of our solar system used to be a highly advanced race, building constructions such as the Pillar Project, into which different types of engineered vessels could learn to administer energy and consciousness. This universal structure used to have 12 realities, reengineered to each holding 5 domains with technologies and developmental programs, of which the 4 domains would be the reality fields, or play grounds, of development of consciousness potentials via the transformational processes of energy, and the 5th domain would be the exit reality to other systems.


This universal structure, as it is now, is thus assisted in its progression dynamics using technology and developmental programs. The original goal was to assist large groups of the humanoid races in their endeavor to master and develop their outdated code systems and energy system configurations. We must conclude that this project has failed. It was never meant to continue to the degree it has.


As I see it, we face the following challenges, which we are to step up to:

  • Where does humanity, as a race, belong in terms of a future among other universal human races?
  • What needs to be developed to get humanity able to achieve that?
  • What needs to be learned?
  • Does the current humanity have the skills for that?


These questions have already been answered by the secret societies of outer humans in the 1950´s and initiatives have been taken since WW2 to ensure that a portion of humans will be able to face up to the challenges to come. However, these initiatives were under the overlooking of humanoid alien races that did not have the prosperity of humanity in mind, but their own survival and most of the projects instigated under these races have failed since the aliens did not give off information to assist, but to manipulate and trick the humans working with them, not knowing better. This is also part of the mess; we are to mop-up; the failed alien-human genetic projects.

Reframing the Past using Energy and Creative Imagination

Is it Possible to Change the Past? Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But do we need to? 

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On Higher Order Living & Energetic Mastery

The Original DE1 Outer Domain Energetic Dynamics

In the work to gain the original DE1 Outer Domain energies, we understand how they are represented the bio-field code sequences connected to the body, the vibrational field and the radiation field. 

The energies are dynamic in nature because they permeate each other. The dynamics are in concordance with the properties of the energy in use within that section.

The properties of the different forms of energy can be changed via alterations in the code systems.

Below are the 6 original layers of energy within the original reality fields connected to the true 6-layered energy system of the transformative energy system connected to the template:


  1. Radiation – emission outwardly spherical waves MDDE2
  2. Vibration – vibration or resonance oscillation spiral MDDE2
  3. Coding Sequences - composing the energy fields MDDE2
  4. Holographic – as lattice networks, dynamic ODDE1
  5. Holographic – as grids, dynamic ODDE1
  6. Crystalline/geometrical – fixed fields via plasma crystal technologies ODDE1

The DE1 Resetting of Our Solar System

The resetting of our sun into an outer domain sun began in 2007 and was completed in 2022, which means that our sun no longer holds density 2 middle domain vibration shields and density 3 inner domain radiation fields. In the years to come, our sun will change into a fall domain star after having undergone different solar cycles where it will shed off its density 1 outer domain energy fields in a series of CMEs. Eventually, it will become a neutron star and crystallize and evaporate as all dying stars do.


This process has initiated similar processes within the remaining planets in our solar system, resetting them to the code settings of an outer domain density 1 system, from where all lifeforms get the final chance to do their elevation processes, and what cannot do this will go into the devastation or fall cycles. Eventually, our solar system will turn into a fall system, along with its dying star, and be completely sucked into the fall domains under the 3rd cycle races.


We hereby understand that there are no real future potentials for our solar system, that is in its current energetic settings, and that is it time for us to do the makeover needed to complete the elevation cycles, or move on into the density energies of the viable worlds connected to ours, or reconnecting to what is left of the original DE1 reality field behind our planet, holding viable vibration shields and radiation fields. There is no other choice than to complete our existence here, and do the required transition into the holographic-radiation-vibration density energetic configuration, resetting all that we are into the original solar-terrestrial human energy system architecture and consciousness structures of the original human races.


At the same time the New Grand Cycle (the NGC) technologies are activating and clearing up the failed ancient developmental programs and what remains of the original solar system construction created to solve various issues of the older cycles. Since these developmental programs and their races no longer are in correct use, they are being reconstructed and then pulled out and back into the progressive worlds. This is possible because the ancient systemic constructions, their technologies and developmental programs are based upon holographic energy units and consciousness configurations, similar to the progressive worlds.


The universal laws govern the elevation cycles, which means that all constructions are reset within their current position and then moved back into their original position and point of origin by their functionality, purpose and by the consciousness signature of their inventors.


To Sum Up

To be able to adjust to the code systems of the holographic density reality settings. we must relearn the sciences of the original universal lineages and their root races that once inhabited our solar system. We must reunite with our original purpose and function as members of these long-gone advanced civilizations.


It must be understood, that the current reality setup was added, as a downgraded version, to the original solar system technologies and developmental programs. If the Pillar Project had succeeded, humanity within the Er´Th programs would have returned to the settings of the true worlds, and universal cycles by now.


This means that our solar system is undergoing a transition into the original density configurations; that is, it is resetting to the original construction programs and technologies of the Ancient Ones and from that, whatever cannot be transferred back to the progressive cycles will fall into the abyss, or the old 3rd cycle configuration to evaporate and cease to exist, and what can be transferred will move on into the next cycle and what cannot will crystallize, evaporate and eventually collapse – as the universe around us is already doing. We live in the outskirts of the 3rd cycle of the vastness of the Abyss.

Listen to Podcast and Learn More About the HOPE DE1 Work

We talk about the bodily energies in meditation, energy work and dance. We go far back in time to before the timeline event, to the work with the vibrational fields and how the before-timeline-event organic matter would progress via the vibrational energies from the middle domain 4th cycle into the middle domain 5th cycle.

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The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic DE1 Work for a New Future is the continuation of the HAl Academy Progression Sciences and Material. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the HAL Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

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