Reframing the Past Energetically

Reframing the Past using Energy and Creative Imagination

Is it Possible to Change the Past?

Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But do we need to? Is it not the memory of the past that haunts us and not the actual event - that is, when we talk our personal experience of it...

As a Healer and Professionel Psychotherapist...

When I had my own practice, I developed new techniques to assist my clients with their personal growth. Most of the time, portions of the emotional field were stuck in old emotional patterns, which we talked about psychologically.

The conversation led us so far, and I quickly discovered that we needed more than talk, processes and understanding to get to the bottom of the issues.

Thus, I added healing. Naturally, I had the talent already, begin clairvoyant and all, but I figured a bit of professional training would do no harm, so I enrolled in a healer school, did the studies and followed the classes to learn more techniques. It was based upon the Reiki method, although I assessed that this method was not for me and in my work with clients I changed how I were to use the healing energy. I went deeper into the holographic patterns behind reality. This is not quantum healing but the understanding of the true nature of our world, as an energetic higher order construction

I integrated the healing into my psychotherapeutic work, first doing the psychotherapeutic conversation, addressing and putting words to the issue, and then – once we had reached the aha moment and thus were in the clear – we went to the healing part where I cleared the patterns of this.

This then led me to the ideas behind the Progressing Work, from the understanding that the client should learn these methods on their own, and make it part of their every day life. It was time to bring the secret knowledge back into the mainstream, making it a lifestyle. It was time for humanity to begin their true exploration journey.

Below are some simple self-healing methods working within this framework of ideas to get started with the inner work.

Creative Psychic-Energetic Imagination

Creative psychic-energetic meditation is a meditative state where you work with the energies of your psyche consciously.

It is best understood by doing it.


Have a chosen dream or memory ready, as in your mind, before you begin this exercise.

Then read the exercise and after that begin the active meditation.

An Exercise

With this dream or memory in mind, begin the meditation:


Sit down in the preferred meditation position, close your eyes and focus on slowing your breathing down. Take three long inhales and exhale very slowly for each time.


Silence your mind by observing your inner voice and what thought patterns you have right now. Switch them off by will and determination. It takes time to learn so in the beginning focus on a golden dot in the middle of your forehead while you keep up the intention of getting the mind to become quiet and slow down the ever-on-going inner chat, thoughts and whatever is controlling your thought processes.


Silence your emotions by putting your hands, in a double hand position one following the other – not upon each other - upon your heart to calm down your emotions. Soothe the ego, by talking to it, ask it to relax and know that everything is going to be all right, that everything is perfect and whatever you will meet of challenges, you are able to cope with because you are a progressive human. Trust in yourself and then let the emotions of low self-esteem, low self-trust and the anxiety of not being able to lift the task go and transform into the full understanding of what you do not know now, and are able to solve now, you will learn as you go along.


Sit in the silence you have created for at least 15 min, slowing down your breath and kind of feeling that your body is going into a total relaxed mode, sitting upright in a sort of sleep – only your body is in that relaxed state because you are observing the energies in your energy field and wherever you can observe the energies. Observe them with your inner sight or feel them as sensations.


You now take the chosen dream or memory, you have already written down using the first exercise but now you are to envision the dream and alter it.


Then you alter the steps of the dream one by one

    1. Change the color theme. The blue, red or orange color theme is to be changed into something entirely else.
    2. Change the settings or the scenario. Remember the original settings and then change small objects or circumstances. See what it does to the dream.
    3. Change the feel of the emotional content. If the feel is sad; change it to happy etc.
    4. Change the progression into stagnation or vice versa.
    5. Change the main content from clear to vague and vice versa.


Think about what the changes do the message of the dream or memory.

When you have completed the changes, you ask:


  • Which type of energy is linked to this dream or memory now that I have changed it?
  • What remains to be cleared out?
  • What is the overall idea behind the energetic patterns in the dream or memory?
  • What can I learn from it?
  • How can I change future events to not repeat this pattern?


Write it down and make sure the words are following the images you get. Try to create a literal written account. As you write this down and process it this way, you generate language to your visions enabling your right and left hemisphere to work together.

Give more energy - amplify to find more

Then put your hands on that heart and see if you can get more information to the dream or memory when you give energy to the heart. Sit and observe what comes up – write it down.


The exercise is meant for you to be able to change the energy patterns in your emotional field, using the right and left hemisphere together to work with the distortion energies, the dream or the memory is composed of.

And from that work, envision a better outcome in future similar events. If you change the subconscious response mechanisms of the past, that has been controlled by the energetic-emotional patterns in your emotional field, you can change the ways you respond in the future, if you are observant in the situation.

The Daily Psychic-Energetic Awareness

Change your perspective on things and your emotions will change accordingly, especially when you have learned to work with your energy system and cleansed it of most subconscious energies of fear and all the other emotions being placed there from your upbringing, relationships and whatever you have encountered with humans.

Most human behavior creates energies in the energy system around and inside of you. Whatever you considered to be normal human behavior will in the light of the new awareness be seen as energetic actions, and you should be aware of them.


To name a few:

1) A normal discussion is really an energetic fight of who is right, so the energy in the exchange is dominion of power and mind. People say that they exchange information but in reality, they exchange energy and the degree of affect follows the shared words. Words are containers of energy, and can be seen as symbols. Symbols are holding the energies from the mind that utters them.

2) Asking questions is also a way of pulling energy from others, covered as mental or emotional technicalities. If you ask using the normal way the mind works, you are using the energies of fields to interfere with the field of another person, directed to the mind.

You create focused energy, i.e. the question, which you direct toward the person you ask. This is in fact field intrusion, because the direction of energy enters the other person’s energy system and when the person answer, he or she opens up to your focused energy. What you get in asking questions is energy from others. Therefore, you need to learn to find the answers within, or ask the correct questions, which share energy – not take it.

3) In a gathering of people, the participants in the gathering are creating a joint field. In this collective field, the event, the distortion energies are connected and what is in them, is exchanged. This goes for gathering of people in the bus, on the train etc. as well.

The more solid the surroundings around the gathering are, i.e. the walls or metal as in the bus, the more concentrated the field gets and the more energies are exchanged.


Try to be mindful in your everyday living.

Observe yourself from a distance and observe:

  • How do you talk to others?
  • What do you think when seeing another human being?
  • Observe your habits and your way of being a human.
  • How do you feel when meeting other people?
  • What are the sensations in your body?
  • What sensations do you get, when you in touch with the energies around you?
  • What is the emotional reaction to what you observe?
  • How do other humans respond to your actions, emotions and behavior?
  • What response do you get, when you talk about what matters to you on an emotional level?
  • Are you that type of human you want to be?


Thoughts, feelings, inner talk, and so forth all generate responding energy in your surroundings and if you do not monitor your energy, you create more distortion energies, because you connect to the fields of other humans, enhancing theirs and your energies.