The HOPE DE1 Work on the Return Path

So, How Do We Return to the True Worlds?

The HOPE DE1 Work on The Return Path

The first fact is that most do not know the full extent of the hidden realities and the extra-systemic reality programs, although many has looked at the diverse theories on this topic.

Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of this information is distorted deliberately. And, it must also be taken into consideration that these concepts and ideas are based upon the notions that we are dealing with humans like you and me, and not realizing that these groups of in-program humans are part of something hidden, an inner reality, secret for most with programs beyond their wildest fantasies.

The breakdown of the old hierarchal and hidden reality programs is beginning to show on the outside, in the forms of environmental changes and the collapse of the cultural institutions and ideologies. It is so, because as no one maintains the outer jurisdictions of the old DE2 races, the left overs are in free fall between the remaining off world races – often not so smart as the Elite, they used to be controlled by – and the other groups of exploiters trying to accrete what they can from our system, and transfer it (or link it up) to their own systems. We could call these groups for scavengers or tomb raiders. This level of chaos will rise in the years to come, and only the resilient ones amongst humanity will prevail in these future settings.

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I review the ideas of the different aspects of the Path.

  • The 3Ls are:The Path of Liberation to reach the vibrational state in our heart field and the true life force reconnection.
  • The Path of Life, where we reorient the vibration energies from the forces of every day ideas of what is important into the true aspects of what it means to be a truly living being.
  • The Path of Light, where we learn to work with the codes behind all existence that leads to the true evolutionary processes of why we exist.

The Original DE1 Outer Domain Energetic Dynamics

In the work to gain the original DE1 Outer Domain energies, we understand how they are represented the bio-field code sequences connected to the body, the vibrational field and the radiation field. 

The energies are dynamic in nature because they permeate each other. The dynamics are in concordance with the properties of the energy in use within that section.

The properties of the different forms of energy can be changed via alterations in the code systems.

Below are the 6 original layers of energy within the original reality fields connected to the true 6-layered energy system of the transformative energy system connected to the template:


  1. Radiation – emission outwardly spherical waves MDDE2
  2. Vibration – vibration or resonance oscillation spiral MDDE2
  3. Coding Sequences - composing the energy fields MDDE2
  4. Holographic – as lattice networks, dynamic ODDE1
  5. Holographic – as grids, dynamic ODDE1
  6. Crystalline/geometrical – fixed fields via plasma crystal technologies ODDE1

Learning the HOPE DE1 Work on the Return Path

The HOPE DE1 Return Path Work Course

In this online course, we work with the basic concepts of the Return Path and what it means to "return" to the Middle Domains. This course is a continuation of the other HOPE DE1 Work Courses.

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