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Yes, This IS Something Entirely New.....

In the Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Work & Material, the goal is the everyday living with focus on the practical solutions to the challenges, we are to become acquainted with as the New Reality Configurations continue their unfolding process.

These challenges are not just about the New Reality Transition Processes & the bridges built into our system from the future, but just as much about the obstacles from the changes in the Sun, the activating holographic reality network and the other dimensions connected to our reality. 

The years ahead of us hold the promises of an overall reconstruction of our reality field into its original holographic architecture or, equally just as possible, the implementation of unexpected concealed agendas from otherworldly forces operating from inside and outside our range of perception. This means that we must adapt to these changes and learn new ways of being human, and what it means to be human on this planet.

The Start-Up Work with the 3 Lower Fields In Overview

The Bio-Field Work

What does the Work with the Bio-Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

Emotional Field Work

What does the Work with the Emotional Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

Mental Field Work

What does the Work with the Mental Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

Obtaining higher awareness is a lifelong study and it is nested into deep-rooted traditions of the other reality energy work. It is not done in a summer holiday course or via searching the Internet. All secret societies bear the testimony and casualties of the strive for true knowledge, including the ancient wisdom schools of which most are forgotten, although there is a lot of “free” material on the Internet claiming to stem from these schools. And alas, as always, the receiver is unaware of the dangers of these studies and what the naïve student truly embarks on, when he or she begins the study of higher awareness.

The double awareness combines the ability to be in the world, as it is and master this, and at the same time access the alternate reality settings our world and solar system are based upon.

However, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master reality as it is, and with efficacy. We must excel in life first and then see if we can embark on the real work entering the alternate realities of our world.

The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic DE1 Material for a New Future is the continuation of the HAL Academy Progression Sciences and the Progression Work. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

This wabsite is about the extraterrestrial worlds and the dynamics of the otherworldly and artificial reality fields connected to our solar system under the management by these extraterrestrial worlds.

It is important to focus on the future realities aligned with our present-day reality holographic-energetic architecture  that is, the dynamics and the to-be-discovered sciences behind the impending reality configuration, some 6500 years into the future.

Similarly, is it just as important to address the numerous semi-to completely failed attempts to connect to our holographic-energetic nodal point in the main reality field network behind our current state of reality, executed by several holographic-energetic cross-sectorial bridges working to transform our solar system, if possible, in all ways energetically, scientifically, and mechanically by the use of the future higher order sciences and technologies to do so.

The question is how to address the many already in existence groups of genetically modified and augmented humans from past, present, and future parallel holographic-energetic realities, along with the otherworldly fully to semi-organic humanoids which from behind the scenes are engineering a world that is suitable for them, and in a lesser degree is suitable for the current version of humanity?

Nevertheless, it is important to begin the psychic-energetic processes towards our innate higher order expanded awareness, and the extraterrestrial agenda is part of that journey.

To get to the higher awareness, I have to some degree explained variations of these challenges and the psychic-energetic dynamics needed to address the future challenges in my 6 books (Souls of Humanity, Terralogy, Modern History, the HAL Philosophy book, and within the lesser important books Reconstruction, and Understanding of the Old Stellar Souls). Furthermore, the content of these books has been integrated and updated into the HAL Academy material.


The Higher Awareness Lifestyle (HAL) Academy by Randi Green


My efforts the last 12 years have been centered around the best ways to explain the how-to complete the 4th progression cycle of our solar system, along with the most needed progression and clearing work required to do the higher order transformative energy work. The goal of this work aims to give general methods and energetic solutions to reconstruct the holographic-energetic configuration, essential in our work to complete the inner and outer 4th cycle progression work of our system.

The resetting of our solar system into its original holographic-energetic architecture will demand our conscious participation in the holographic-energetic clearing of the past, the present and any conceivable future timelines (aka holographic-energetic code streams). We must embrace the sciences of otherworldly realities and their humanoid races, existing parallelly to our solar system and thus are part of it.

Most of what we know today must be thought-through and information, long forgotten, must be rediscovered, and purged of its high level of distortions and misunderstandings. In this, we are to revisit and think-through general sciences, our understanding of reality, as well as the characteristics of the otherworldly and parallel realities, their civilizations, socio-cultural dynamics, and technologies.

Moreover, we must strive to grasp the vast implications of the holographic-energetic worlds and the future humanities. Be it the lesser or more promising futures, we have the possibilities to become part of.

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We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that actions must be taken to change that.

We also work to bring the higher order sciences to people’s attention and the how-to assist for a better future for this and the next generations of humans.

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The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic DE1 Work for a New Future is the continuation of the HAl Academy Progression Sciences and Material. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the HAL Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

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