The Bio-Field Start-Up Work


The Bio-Field - What is the Start-Up Work?

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The human energy system is built up of different fields composed of codes sequences, energy units and consciousness units. These are part of the higher order energy system, aka the template.


The higher order energy system can be worked with through the access points entering the heart field, the brain field and the lifeforce field after having cleared and transformed the lower order energy fields. 

Thus, the basic energy work is about the clearing and transformation of the lower order energy fields, i.e., the bio-field, the emotional field and the mental field. On this page you find the first 4 steps of the work with the bio-field.

Remember all inner work is a process and each step is to be seen as part of a scale of the progression work.


Becoming a Plant-Fruitarian

The first step in the bio-field work is to change the diet into a high energy diet. This involves becoming plant-fruitarian; i.e. only living of regenerative vegetables and fruit, nuts etc. The goal is to keep the bio-field in as high an energetic state as possible by feeding the organic-energetic vessel with easy to digest matter, based upon phyto-chemical elements generated via photosynthesis. The higher amount of energy in the diet supports the transformational processes of the bio-field. The transition into higher order solar energies thus rests upon the state of the bio-field.


Daily Exercise & Organ Clearing

Keeping the body healthy and strong is key for the work as well. An outer strong and vital body gives ground for an inner confidence to be able to do the work. Plus, the ingested energy must be utilized correctly in both physical activity as well as in self-healing work. The high functionality of the organic-energetic vessel is required to be able to do the higher order energy work, which can be energetically straining. A strong physicality and mental strength are thus essential for the inner work. Step 2 generates an inner and outer scheme of strength, which is foundational to do the transition work as well.


Activation of the Hara Quadrant - if this is part of your individual activation journey (not for all)

The book Terralogy shows how to activate the regressed genetics in the bio-field. The regressed genetics were inserted as part of the reconstruction the LPRF1 energy system to link the human template to the artificial 4D under the Settlers. The work with the hara quadrant, and the subsequent activation sequences of the inserted regressed genetics in order to remove these, is part of the activation process of the bio-field for those still under the regressed factions. The regressed genetics keep the lower order energy fields connected to the 4D prohibiting technologies which will derail all progression.


Activation of the Core Flows - not possible for all because this demands viable original genetics

Once the regressed genetics have been removed (using downward transmutation), it is possible to begin the activation of the original core flows running the bio-field. However, getting to this state takes a long time. The core flows fuel the original lifeforce field with the LPU solar system energies and link the lifeforce field to the original planetary grids under the LPU. The core flows are thus part of the influx of energies from the racial grid we belong to, i.e., our genetic lineage. These are needed to be able to activate our higher order gentics in this biological vessel and not all will make it so far.