Healthy Body - Healthy Mind

Healthy Body - Healthy Psychic-Energetic State

Get inspired to live your life according to your higher awareness goals and ideas

The understanding of self-development, called higher awareness progression, using energy and consciousness to do so, is the human evolution 2.0 aka the true human evolution into a future of humans knowing how to work with all that they are composed of, including their physicality, to regain perfect health, higher awareness, full capacity of expanded consciousness.

One of the basic steps in the progression journey is to master the organic vessel by developing self-discipline, inner strength to set goals and ways to complete them. The goal of all that we do is to master energy and consciousness by mastering ourselves in all of our ways, inner and outer, and the higher states of consciousness that we can reach. 

We must accept that exercise develops the muscles and that learning new skills develop muscle memory and from that, strengthen the body-mind connection to be able to do whatever we want to do in life. Being in control of the organic vessel, and developing it via correct food and utilization in a balanced changeability between rest and activity – as well as performing tasks that build muscle strength by challenging what we think we can do - gives a higher success rate in life, a steady mood, clarity of mind and surplus of energy to set goals, and to complete them.

We are to learn that emotional experiences are stored as cellular information – since all emotional experiences are energy - affecting the organic vessel, creating a healthier and stronger body if the emotional challenges are solved in an empowering way, giving emotional strength and the ability to rely on one’s own solutions and decisions, to back up the choices in life and by that, what type of life one wants to have. To stand by our choices and trust in what we can achieve.

Emotional strength or weaknesses affect all cellular reproduction by controlling which of the various forms of messenger RNA[1] (yes RNA not DNA – look up the difference) that are activated, and in that control the rebuilding of the cells in a constructive or destructive way. We have yet to learn how much physical heath and emotional strength are interlinked.

It is a fact that exercise expands the brain capacity and builds a stronger blood supply to the blood vessels of the brain (since it technically is a sort of muscle) that amplifies the neurons, when  firing, release the stored information in the brain into new heights and connections. We learn that using the body in high performance develops it just as much as studying does and that both are equally important, because not only do higher levels of information increase the ability to discern, connect and derive answers to questions asked or events happening, but it also gives the ability to see through deception, exclude false information and grow a higher awareness of reality. 

We learn that all of these things, by doing it all, enhance the ability to function in life with higher energy functionality and self-confidence. With empowerment. We learn to set our minds to administer all that we are, because we know it’s the way to fulfill the purpose of living. Of existence. Because, why exist to live a half or incomplete life?

To keep the highest purity and vitality rate of our organic form, we have to be impeccable in all we do, say and feel. And that includes what we eat, how we treat the resources of our planet, and all that live and thrive in our reality. Anything else leads to distortion in the energy system and the breaking down of the energies, we are made of. Living with high vitality takes time to learn but we can do it.


The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Work

The progression work is about regaining our true human core strength, and higher order potentials, as well as the choice to deliberately move forward towards becoming a progressive human.

By that choice, we choose to develop all that we are following the original energetic laws, rules and principles of our world and learning the hows to grow into an expanded universal consciousness structure.

As we do so, we regain our connection with the other human universal races, telepathically and energetically. 

Daily physical training is important to get our body adapted to function with the new protein structures that are in the plant-fruitarian diet.

The more energy work we are doing, the easier it is to get the new diet integrated because our cells learn to absorb energy from the high energy food.

The clearing work will add new flows of energy into our energy system, and getting energy from the food alone, change into getting energy from the energy system as well.