The Higher Order Integration Process

What is Life? What is Reality? What is a Human?

Get inspired to live your life according to your higher awareness goals and ideas

These are the profound questions to be asked. We could do the lesser answer and say that life is about procreation, getting a good career, having a fulfilling relationship (same-sex or different-sex) and a broad network of friends and family that support us in our everyday ups and downs throughout life.

A network of humans that are there for us, no matter what facet of our inner being we are displaying, and who are patiently asking the needed questions to our well-being as well as us doing the same for them. That is a good human life, as in within the lesser context of what it means to be a human being. And to be frank, probably only a few are experiencing this psychological mature way of existence.

Reality is somewhat different. We kind of know that due to days with doubt and self-search, questioning ourselves if we have the right job, having the right partner and if we took the right turn, back then when we had the choice of doing something different. Whatever that is. We question our very foundation of existence every single day. Not being really sure, if we are where we are supposed to be. Whatever that is.

The day-in and day-out repetitiveness of the everyday life seems from time to time to have a life of its own, rising from the void of nothingness, and with a hidden agenda to suffocate us. As if this force had it as its sole purpose to strangle us in boredom and generate a non-appreciation of the life, we so carefully have created – that is, if we have followed the standard recipe for a good life, indoctrinated into our core from the moment we learned to walk.


But what if we could change that? What if we could live a life with progression and new situations, we create ourselves? With changes of lifestyle, knowledge and situations in a world of change, in a world of possible scenarios, ranging from inner creations of mind to outer creations of matter?


How would that look? What would we create? Would we be the wise human beings, choosing the highest good of the many? Or would we turn to the lesser version of what we can become, only choosing what we know could become a danger to our society? We need to grow into our full potentials to find the correct solutions to our future.


The Higher Order Integration Process

The first step of the higher order integration process is to accept that reality is more than just the obvious and what we can see and sense with our 5 senses.

When that is accepted and experienced, the next step is to develop the inner and higher order abilities, enabling us to discern between the energetic distortion mechanisms, the holographic shut-down mechanisms and the deception technologies, and the accurate higher order information.

Thus, the higher order integration process is mostly about an acceptance of the unacknowledged realities and then it is about getting back to our true potentials, to be fully able to integrate all that we are as higher order humans. Then, the process must move into a relearning process of what it means to be an integrated and activated human on this planet. That is the higher order awareness way of living.

Our personality is the communicating interface system we use, when we are around other humans. We use it when we interact with outer and inner circumstances, activated by other fellow beings.

Knowing about the inner states of consciousness and the dimensional human and humanoid races will be part of the future.

Therefore, we need to learn to function among our own race and the other races here, and learn how to we interact, treat and are around others. The HAL Material is made to show us how.

We have much to learn to achieve the optimal outcome for all involved, in every interaction we have, including how to administer our energy fields, and our energetic influential sphere, when we are amongst others and in the world as a whole.