Some Ideas of the HOPE Psychology

Some Concepts from the HOPE Psychology

Getting ready for the New Timelines, or Code Streams, connecting our reality field to the future worlds is the next step for humanity and the continued progression journey, we are o. For that, we need new approaches to what a human is, what a human can do and what potentials, we can unfold.

The HOPE Advanced Psychology

Are we Heading for a Progressive-Energetic Paradigm Shift in the Collective Fields of Humanity?


Needed Skillsets:

  • Mental and emotional abilities to adjust to changes, following the new cycle dynamics.
  • High-functionality emotionally, mentally and physically, to address and cope with new cycle challenges.
  • Resilience, and skills to develop resilience, in times of energetic resistance and counter energies.
  • A flexible personality structure needed to develop the transformation and transmutation skills.
  • Ability to read and understand energetic trends and energetic patterns, both locally and globally.
  • Ability to decode information streams correctly, both locally and globally.
  • Timeline alteration ability and the ability to jump timelines, both locally and globally.

The Individual Challenges in the Work

The individual challenges involve the work with the lower order fields and how we can clear these to get to the point, where we can rebuild our higher order constitution. As long as we are trotting along in our human form, exercising our human will, mind and emotions, we will not get to the higher order levels in us. The higher order levels of us contain the consciousness genetics, the original template and higher order energy system. These parts have been hidden from us. We are to figure out how to reconnect to the true parts of us and then put in the needed work to activate them.


To get to where we can recreate all that we are, we must solve the puzzle of the in-the-way lower order fields, i.e., the electromagnetic controlled overlay of the bio-field and DNA, along with the emotional field and mental field that hold programming to fit us into the base program (aka normal world). The lower order fields are inserted to block the higher order energy system from connecting to our organic bio-field and allow our own code systems to unfold, leading us back to the density energies we also are able to process and integrate.

The Higher Order Energy System as Part of the Human Body in the Future

The higher order energy system can be viewed as multilayered composition of several energy fields with different access points, energetic orientation and processes of consciousness and energy. It expands from the personal experiences into the reality fields of similar forms of energy fields and consciousenss processes.


The higher order energy system is thus a composition of the processes of raw consciousness and energy units to be developed and already transformed consciousness units (the CUs) and energy units. The goal of these processes is to develop new forms of existence.


The Merged Lower Order Brain & Higher Order Radiation Processes

Transmuted Neuro-Electric Processes into expressing the functional CUs adapted to ego structure. 

Transmuted Neuro-Chemical Processes into expressing the lower and higher order knowledge.

Transmuted Subtle Energy Processes into expressing the dual information systems. 

Transmuted Code Layer (lower order planetary and higher order otherworldly) into expressing the dual code layer systems.


The Merged Lower Order Emotional & Higher Order Vibration Processes

Transmuted Electro-Chemical Processes into incorporating timeline & reality field dynamics.

Transmuted Nervous System Sensations into incorporating activation & amplification dynamics.

Transmuted Subtle Energy Processes into expressing the dual information systems. 

Transmuted Code Layer (lower order planetary and higher order otherworldly) into expressing the dual code layer systems.


The Higher Order Integration Process

The progression work is about regaining our true human core strength, and higher order potentials, as well as the choice to deliberately move forward towards becoming a progressive human.

By that choice, we choose to develop all that we are following the original energetic laws, rules and principles of our world and learning the hows to grow into an expanded universal consciousness structure.

As we do so, we regain our connection with the other human universal races, telepathically and energetically. 

Daily physical training is important to get our body adapted to function with the new protein structures that are in the plant-fruitarian diet.

The more energy work we are doing, the easier it is to get the new diet integrated because our cells learn to absorb energy from the high energy food.

The clearing work will add new flows of energy into our energy system, and getting energy from the food alone, change into getting energy from the energy system as well.