The HOPE DE1 Work Basics

Learning New Levels of The Inner Work 

The Goal of the HOPE DE1 Work and Material

In the HOPE DE1 Work & Material, the goal is the everyday living with focus on the practical solutions to the challenges, we are to become acquainted with as the New Reality setup continues its unfolding process.

These challenges are not just about the De1 New Reality Transition Processes but just as much about the obstacles from the Sun, the holographic reality network and the other dimensions connected to our reality. 

A healthy body gives a healthy mind and working with the patterns of change must be exemplified by us living as the highest version this organic vessel can muster. If we complete that task and make it a habit of living the healthy ways and by sound living supporting the original transformative processes of the outer domain – as explained in the HAL Transition Courses – then we have achieved the basic steps of what we need to withstand the energetic changes in the magnetic fields of our planet, due to the overall systemic changes.

Thus, what we learn in the processes of changing our lifestyle – from ordinary to healthy, from over-consumption to minimalistic living, from lethargic to unfolding a daily fitness program – set the tone for our ability to achieve our other goals such as new Changemaker Projects or a new type of Changemaker Business.

Change is a process of learning new habits based upon new self-perception and frameworks of perception. The HAL Academy Courses cover this. However, we need to go futher than that, what we are, and move into how we affect the reality fields around us, and how the reality fields around us affect us.

The Work with the 3 Lower Fields In Overview

The Work with the Bio-Field

What does the Work with the Bio-Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

The Emotional Field Work

What does the Work with the Emotional Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

The Mental Field Work

What does the Work with the Mental Field entail? And what are the steps to get there?

Obtaining higher awareness is a lifelong study and it is nested into deep-rooted traditions of the other reality energy work. It is not done in a summer holiday course or via searching the Internet. All secret societies bear the testimony and casualties of the strive for true knowledge, including the ancient wisdom schools of which most are forgotten, although there is a lot of “free” material on the Internet claiming to stem from these schools. And alas, as always, the receiver is unaware of the dangers of these studies and what the naïve student truly embarks on, when he or she begins the study of higher awareness.

The double awareness combines the ability to be in the world, as it is and master this, and at the same time access the alternate reality settings our world and solar system are based upon.

However, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master reality as it is, and with efficacy. We must excel in life first and then see if we can embark on the real work entering the alternate realities of our world.

Reframing the Past using Energy and Creative Imagination

Is it Possible to Change the Past? Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But do we need to? 

The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic DE1 Material for a New Future is the continuation of the HAL Academy Progression Sciences and the Progression Work. Here the architecture behind the organic vessel was taught along with the ways that the Progression Work was to be done to activate the higher order energy system behind our physical form.

We need the Higher Awareness Lifestyle, living under the original DE14 Collective Progression Dynamics, along with the DE1 Higher Order Progressive-Energetic 5th Cycle Method to perform the highest forms of energy and clearing work, as taught in the Progression Sciences, as well as the how-to live within a world where chaos energies and lower forms of energies are becoming the prevailing forms of energy.

As humans, in this solar system, we have had similar conditions before and those of us that have been around in this system in its earlier versions, must rely on the skill sets we developed in the prior universal cycles when they entered into the completion cycles, just as our solar system is getting to the same point, where the Abyss gets very close and by that, is telling us that it is time to elevate and progress and then move on, once the time is right for us to leave this system.

Until then, the HAL & HOPE Material can function as our guidelines in how-to stay strong, live in the world as it is, and at the same time progress into our highest possible potentials.

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