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Every Day is a New Exploration Journey

There is so much to learn. And so much has already been said. But there is always refinement and more to be added to existing concepts. Here is what I want to add to the pool of information meant to develop and upgrade humanity into their full capacities.

We progress to generate a new understanding of what it means to be the human ancestors of these advanced races, as well as how to foresee the future challenges and adapt to the incoming waves of changes our planet will undergo in the years to come. However, since most of the ancient knowledge and technologies are in the higher order levels of our reality, we cannot access these as we are now, but we can initiate the progressive and developmental journey to the best of our abilities by doing the clearing, timeline and template work, and make a deliberate effort to restore our potentials of advanced existence and undo our dim existence.

Obtaining higher awareness is a lifelong study and it is nested into deep-rooted traditions of the other reality energy work. It is not done in a summer holiday course or via searching the Internet. All secret societies bear the testimony and casualties of the strive for true knowledge, including the ancient wisdom schools of which most are forgotten, although there is a lot of “free” material on the Internet claiming to stem from these schools. And alas, as always, the receiver is unaware of the dangers of these studies and what the naïve student truly embarks on, when he or she begins the study of higher awareness.

The double awareness combines the ability to be in the world, as it is and master this, and at the same time access the alternate reality settings our world and solar system are based upon.

However, the first steps of the higher awareness journey have always been to master reality as it is, and with efficacy. We must excel in life first and then see if we can embark on the real work entering the alternate realities of our world.

Reframing the Past using Energy and Creative Imagination

Is it Possible to Change the Past? Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But do we need to? 

Get More Inspiration to do Your Inner Work & Processes

The individual challenges involve the work with the lower order fields and how we can clear these to get to the point, where we can rebuild our higher order constitution. As long as we are trotting along in our human form, exercising our human will, mind and emotions, we will not get to the higher order levels in us. 

We are to figure out how to reconnect to the true parts of us and then put in the needed work to activate them.


The Karmic Imprint defines our personality matrix....But what if it holds more than one?