I have made it a lifestyle to live in a continuum of higher awareness, and from that do whatever I can to create a new path for the future of humanity.

Throughout my many years as a Psychotherapist and work with people, it became clear to me that humanity needed new ways of conceptualizing reality, a broader perception of self and others, as well as a need for new understandings of our capacities.

The HAL Project aims at educating humanity ....

This goal is reached via the HAL Academy, teaching the higher awareness lifestyle, and through the HAL Sessions where the focus is on implementing the higher order sciences within different forms of sessions.


Years of Practice: 12+


BA Theology, University of Copenhagen (2010-2013)

Licensed Psychotherapist - Existential Psychotherapy (1998-2001)

Additional Courses & Certificates

Psychological First Aid, Johns Hopskins University, Coursera (2020)

Resilience Skills, University of Pennsylvania, Coursera (2020)

Science of Exercise, University of Colorado Boulder, Coursera (2020)

Anatomy & Physiology, School of Reflexology (2008)

Inkaki Healer Education, 9Stjernen Alternative Educations (2005-2006)

Organisation & Management, Copenhagen Business School (1994-1996)

Dreams and Personal Development, University of Copenhagen (1994)

The Psychology of Religion, University of Copenhagen (1994)

Introduction to Psychology, University of Copenhagen (1992)

Accounting & Business Economics, Copenhagen Business College (1991)

Bachelor of Theology

University of Copenhagen

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Licensed Psychotherapist

Psychotherapeutic Institute

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Studies in Business etc

Copenhagen Business School

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