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This is not just a battle for the continuation of humanity; it is just as much a battle for the continuation of our higher order possibilities as eternal beings in the worlds to come. To get there, humanity must learn to work as a team, expressing our diversity as a chosen tool to reach the absolute potentials of energy and consciousness (as we did it in the Pillar Project - only through our differences can we reach completion… we need to be different to be able to transform all forms of energy), and yet recognizing that we are equals because we work for the same goals, and in that we support each other in the joint goal of progression of awareness, the original density consciousness abilities and the goal of generating a better world scenario. We must overcome our focus on the differences, understand that is an invasion strategy, and focus on the tasks at hand and how to solve these.

On the Discourse of the Hidden Realities

The first fact is that most do not know the full extent of the hidden realities and the alien reality programs, although many has looked at the diverse theories on this topic. Nevertheless, it must be understood that most of this information is distorted deliberately. And, it must also be taken into consideration that these concepts and ideas are based upon the notions that we are dealing with humans like you and me, and not realizing that these groups of in-program humans are part of something hidden, an inner reality, secret for most with programs beyond their wildest fantasies. Of course, everybody has heard of the spiritual worlds but that is a sort of a distorted concept of a semi-human inner reality where the souls go and not a huge inner reality inhabited by many off world humans and humanoids from other parallel universes, having used our world for their own benefit, production, and exploitation.


The breakdown of the old hierarchal and hidden reality programs is beginning to show on the outside, in the forms of environmental changes and the collapse of the cultural institutions and ideologies. It is so, because as no one maintains the outer jurisdictions of the old density 2 races, the left overs are in free fall between the remaining off world races – often not so smart as the Elite, they used to be controlled by – and the other groups of exploiters trying to accrete what they can from our system, and transfer it (or link it up) to their own systems. We could call these groups for scavengers or tomb raiders. This level of chaos will rise in the years to come, and only the resilient ones amongst humanity will prevail in these future settings.

If we are to face the challenges, we must work to solve:

  • Where does humanity, as a race, belong in terms of a future among other universal human races?
  • What needs to be developed to get humanity able to achieve that?
  • What needs to be learned?
  • Does the current humanity have the skills for that?

So, how are we – as the sprouting future citizens of the systemic-energetic sciences – going to administer the burdens of the past, the other-dimensionals and the lost chances of our original purpose and direction?

Well, all first steps to recovery are to acknowledge what we are, how we behave, and what our true desires are. We must see things as they truly are and what we have become. Mourn the loss, accept the deeds, accept what we have done to push it so far – completely out of balance and far from our original intent and purpose – and then take responsibility.

The Challenges..... Podcast 1

Published on Dec 2, 2022

In this podcast I explain the level 1 implications and challenges. It will continue in new podcasts, as I unfold the different parts of the new concepts (or old concepts for some).

The Challenges..... Podcast 2

Published on Dec 2, 2022

I continue the explaining of the text material in this podcast. The goal is to generate clarity on the concepts and the perception of what needs to be done now, and in the years to come, and why.

Empowering People with Knowledge & Choices

The History of Our Solar System As I Recall It....

We must learn about our true genetic origin, learn to progress in a more organized way, upgrade and claim the options we have left, and find ways so we are not get run over by the inbuilt activation systems of the secret projects, and in that avoid the future under the new incoming races.

Learn the HAL Progression Sciences

The HAL Academy Progression Sciences teach the sciences behind the Restoration Program, the original Pillar Project, the architecture of the transformative energy system and the consciousness template along with the dynamics of the reconstruction sciences of the energy system configuration needed to deal with the upcoming challenges, as our reality field resets and the organic vessels reunite with what remains of their original configuration.

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