HAL Next Level FHP Package

Continue the New Ways of Being Human

The Next Level Future Human Project Package:

The NGC Transition Courses 1-2 along with 1 session of 60 min.

Total Cost for Course Material & Session is 190 EUR, to be paid over 2 months as a subscription.

The idea behind the Next Level FHP Session is to provide new perspectives to everyday life, living with a higher awareness. Here we talk about what you have learned so far, what you need to learn, and whatever you are entangled into within the base program. The goal is naturally to get you started on the progression journey into your version of activated consciousness potentials.

What To Expect?

You Study On Your Own

You study the material over the 2 months, listening to the podcasts and prepare for the session. The session is not a Q&A, but are to be seen within the lines of "how do you change your ways and everyday routine to follow with the new future human project requirements?" from a Next Level FHP perception.


It would be good, if you could prepare for the session in advance. This means that you line up for yourself, where you want to go with the session and what you want to gain from it, aside from what I can give of information.


Thus, take notes beforehand on what you see as your current activation potentials and where you want to go with the inner work.


In that manner, you will get most out of the session and what you need to begin your progression work.


The 60 Min Session

The duration of the session is set to 60 min and it is done over Skype. You can record the session using the option Skype offers. However, this recording is private and should not be shared with anyone else. It is only for your private use.

What Would We be Talking About?

In the Next Level FHP Session we work with the FHP ideas of what it means to be human in the new reality setup from a double perspective:

1) Working from a psycho-dynamic angle, i.e. with the challenges from a new reality perspective.

2) Working from a higher order perspective, seeing the challenges as part of the progression work, as well as an activation of the original personality structure.

The goal is to integrate the higher order adaptation and learning processes into the ego structure, and to allow for the psychic-energetic method of development to become the new normal and the new way of living.

Buy Package

Once you have paid, and I have received the notification, an instructive email will be sent to you on the email address you have provided on PayPal.

You will get the Course Material in the first email.

The Session will be placed in the second month of the subscription, after the second payment.

The Session is done over Skype in an end-to-end encrypted or normal private call by your choice.

The appointment can be cancelled latest one day before the scheduled talk and rescheduled into a new meet up.

Should you fail to meet up at the appointed time without one days' notice, there will be no refund and no rescheduling. Read more in Terms & Conditions.

The Inner Work is An Ongoing Lifelong Process

As with all good inner work, we must lay the foundation of where we want to go with the attempt to generate a higher system of thought.

The first part of the progression work is to understand that the higher awareness is not just an emotional exercise, leading to mysticism and the inner light of bliss; it is also a cognitive exercise using the higher order sciences to get to the point, where the mind can utilize the purified emotional energies to fuel the higher order neural networks of the brain.

The new structural layers, working with different forms of energy, are constructed through the processes of our psychic-energetic work. Both the processes and the new neural networks are needed to process all higher dimensional information. Without the higher order structural layers, the brain only operates within the known frequency spectrum and within the limited brain wave information networks.

Thus, to get to the higher awareness a lot of inner and outer work must be accomplished.

The second part of the progression work is to accept the premise that contemporary humans are the ancestors of extremely advanced human civilizations, which once inhabited our solar system. That is the entire scope of the HAL Project and the HAL Academy Courses and the reasons why we do the progression work; to get back to what we once were and should have become in this cycle.

Remember all inner work is a process and each step is to be seen as part of a scale of the progression work.

Get Startet With the Progression Work

Any Questions to the Next Level FHP Package?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the work methods or need other clarifications.