HAL Start-Up FHP Package

Ready to Get Startet with a New Approach to Life?

The Start-Up Future Human Project Package:

The 4 Future Human Project Courses, along with 1 session of 60 min.

Total Cost for the Start-Up FHP Package 300 EUR, to be paid over 4 months as a subscription.

In the session, we talk about the ways you have experienced your life and perhaps some experiences pointing in the direction of higher awareness potentials. The session is to be seen as a semi-clairvoyant conversation, from where you can figure out if you want to continue working with me. The goal is to get you closer to your actual potentials and not what you believe to be your potentials.

What To Expect?

You Study On Your Own

You study the material over the 4 months, listening to the podcasts and prepare for the session. The session is not Q&As, but unfold within the lines of "how do you change your ways and everyday routine to follow with the new future human project requirements?" from a Start-Up FHP perception.

Prepare Before the Session

It would be good, if you could prepare for the session in advance. This means that you line up for yourself, where you want to go with the session and what you want to gain from it, aside from what I can give of information.

Thus, take notes beforehand on what you see as your current activation potentials and where you want to go with the inner work. In that manner, you will get most out of the sessions and what you need to begin your progression work.

The 60 Min Session

The duration of the session is set to 60 min and it is done over Skype. You can record the session using the option Skype offers. However, this recording is private and should not be shared with anyone else. It is only for your private use.

What Would We be Talking About?

In the Session we talk about your potentials from a double perspective:

1) Working from a psycho-dynamic angle, i.e. with the potentials from the current reality perspective.

2) Working from a higher order perspective, seeing the potentials in the light of your activation work.

The Session is a tool to get started with the HAL Progression Work or the HAL Project Changemaker Material.

The goal is to give a start up assessment of the activation potentials and to explore possible higher order abilities. It is not to be seen as conclusive - only as a guideline.

Buy Package

Once you have paid, and I have received the notification, an instructive email will be sent to you on the email address you have provided on PayPal.

You will get the Course Material over 4 months sent to you on email.

The Session will be placed after after the fourth payment, and will be within 15-45 days thereafter.

The Session is done over Skype in an end-to-end encrypted or normal private call by your choice.

The appointments can be cancelled latest one day before the scheduled talk and rescheduled into a new meet up.

Should you fail to meet up at the appointed time without one days' notice, there will be no refund and no rescheduling. Read more in Terms & Conditions.

Mastery is An Ongoing Learning Process

....Mastery means to perceive, understand and work correctly with whatever comes our way, and then transform or transmute what is encountered...


Explaining the Dynamics of Progression

This work includes what is within our energetic state of current existence, i.e. the three lower and the higher order fields, as well as on our past timelines and their genetic connections to artificial work stations (such as the OWO 4D operating stations driven by the regressed races and their non-biological entities, or the remaining fallen 5D work stations from the Atlantean humanoid colonies). It also involves the work with the distortion energies from which our bio-DNA is built.


The collective timelines of our solar system are changing along with the original density 1 holographic grids, and yet the activation processes are ours to do. It is our personal responsibility to ensure our own awakening.

Remember, there are collective timelines and individual timelines. This means that once the collective timelines of original solar system holographic grids are cleared, if we are not in alignment with these, we will be drawn – due to energetic and genetic affinity – to the reality fields that are in alignment with our energy system, cf. the relative reality dynamics.

Remember all inner work is a process and each step is to be seen as part of a scale of the progression work.

Get Startet With the Progression Work

Any Questions to the Start-Up FHP Package?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the work methods or need other clarifications.