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The HOPE Email Sessions - Get the Quick Answers

How do we deal with the next set of  challenges stemming from the New Reality Dynamics. It is not just the New Reality Programs, we have to deal with, we also have to deal with the changes in reality fields themselves.

Changes take time and patience – we all know that – but mostly it takes strategy and the step-by-step approach, where each day is an opportunity for learning and progressing.

The first step is to know where we want to go. The HAL Academy Courses were part of that level of our training. Now, it is time to figure out how to do this….

The trial-and-error period. The long run where we learn what it truly means to be part of the new reality. The resilience, the core strength and the daily effort to adapt and change.

There are many new factors to take into consideration such as the new energies from the Sun, the opening of new Stargates and Earth itself.

In the HOPE Email Sessions, mostly for HAL Students, we address the everyday challenges. The focus here is the short and precise advice and support email session, were we work with one or two issues in regards to diet, exercise, projects, work, residence, and other practical matters that will become important as the reality dynamics change.

Too many times, the simple things build up to large problems. The best way is to fix the issue as it appears. On the spot. Be it tangible things or energetic attachments, negative imprints or entities. The sooner, we fix what is not in alignment with our energy system and the configuration, we want to uphold, the sooner we can move to the next level of work.

All forms of delay are not working in our favour. We must choose to deal with what is there and transform it, if it is energetic, or fix it if it is tangible.

However, sometimes it takes a bit more to find the solutions to the issue at hand and the HOPE Email Sessions can be utilized for the quick answers, needed on a cloudy day.

How to Live with the New Reality of DE1 Energies?

How do we get structured in our everyday life to reach our full potentials?

Lots of new ways of being human to learn as the patterns of change unfold around us.

The Key Words are:

1) Structure your day - be realistic in what is possible

2) Minimize your use of base program energy - transform into the higher order energies

3) Whatever you do use - use it to change the existing paradigms

4) Have a healthy life style (plant-based diet, dialy exercise and clearing work)

5) Clear and rebuild as much as possible per day rate

Live by the ideas of the HAL Project Blue Flower.... In this way, you set an example of the best version a human can be. The first step in the work with the New Reality DE1 Energies and to live by the sciences of what must be done, and we implement them into our everyday living.

Someone Has to Go First - for the Highest Good of the Many 

The How-to-do with the HOPE Email Sessions

The idea is that you write an email to me, explaining in details what you have doubts about, or something you need a new angle of perception or something entirely else, suitable for an email session.

Naturally, if you need more in depth solution based psychotherapy to the work, the email session will fall short. But it can be utilized to get you going in your inner work.

A good idea is to meditate upon where you want to go with the email question. Set a goal for it and how you can work with the answers.

I will answer your 1-2 questions with either an email, a recorded 15 min mp4 or both if there is something I need to explain in details.


Any Questions to the HOPE Email Sessions?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the work methods or need other clarifications.