The HOSE Governance

The Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Governance Ideas for a New Future

In the HAL Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Governance Ideas, I work with the Challenges of our System.

In the HAL Changemaker Project Courses, we worked with the Base Program to Change our World.

Here we work with the next level of awareness as part of a large community of other races, living in our sector.

The focus is on the challenges and skill sets needed to have to be able to deal with the other races, living in and beyond our reality field within the other domains and the challenges this pose to us as newcomers to these worlds.

Standing Sovereign

Only by the Progressive Laws of our own Lineage can we stand energetically and consciously sovereign. We must know to the most absolute degree who and what we are, energetically and genetically, to be able to declare sovereignty. Thus, this is not a show-off of power (Principle 9) or an emission of energy to claim territory (Principle 8) but setting the holographic and energetic stage for this work and this book.

In the transition for higher order abilities someone must go first, do the initial work and generate the architecture from which others can develop their own holographic architectural version of what is needed to reconstruct their energy system, and via this endeavor regain the required conscious abilities to complete their adaptation processes this sector allows for.

The HAL Systemic-Energetic Everyday Challenges

The Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Bridgebuilder works for new Strategies and long-term Solutions...

To change the world, we must change the patterns of the past and evolve the patterns of the present into new forms. The future demands new perceptions of what a human is, and we are to develop the skillsets  and knowledge by our own effort and inner work. Only if we get-to-know who and what we are, can we change into a deeper understanding of what it truly means to be a human, ready for the changes to come.

Fixing what Needs to be Fixed - on the Day

Is it Possible to Change the Now in an Instant? Perhaps not - at least not yet in a physical manner. But we can make sure that the patterns behind the current reality setup will lose their grip on us. And then we reframe the old patterns with new better ones.

Too many times, the simple things build up to large problems. The best way is to fix the issue as it appears. On the spot. Be it tangible things or energetic attachments, negative imprints or entities. The sooner, we fix what is not in alignment with our energy system and the configuration, we want to uphold, the sooner we can move to the next level of work.

All forms of delay are not working in our favour. We must choose to deal with what is there and transform it, if it is energetic, or fix it if it is tangible.

However, sometimes it takes a bit more to find the solutions to the issue at hand, and the HAL Systemic-Energetic Awareness is focused on this and the work to find the needed solutions, to play ping-pong to find strategies for the more long terms issues that have a higher affectability rate in terms of the patterns of change we are building to administer the new reality energies.

Free Podcasts from the HAL YouTube Channel

Humanity must learn to live in energetic flux as the original energies of our solar system become an integral part of our perception of reality, learning to administer the past, present and the future in our daily efforts to follow the elevation of our solar system.

Get inspired with some insights into the HAL New Reality Work, and why it is a good idea to do the inner work.

The future demands new perceptions of what a human is, and we are to develop into this knowledge.

We learn by doing it, and how it enhances the ability to function in life with higher self-confidence.


Our personality is the communicating interface system we use, when we are around other humans, in outer and inner circumstances, and energeies activated by other beings. So, what are the new social skills, we need to learn? And how do we make better choices?