The HOPE DE1 Reality Sun & Star Courses

Getting the Answers to Deal with the New Reality Challenges

The HOPE DE1 Reality Changes in the Sun & Stars

The HOPE DE1 Reality Changes in the Sun and the Stars Courses aim to support and implement the higher order ways of living, and the how to adapt to the new changes in our world. The Courses are meant as explanatory podcasts to gain new insights and understandings of how to cope with the new reality.

The abilities to adapt and cope with the challenges and changes of the future human civilizations is an ongoing process, where we have lots of new levels of awareness to learn, as well as everyday choices to be made.

The HOPE DE1 Reality Challenges and Processes Focus

As we move throughout 2023, new challenges are upon us. Naturally, we work with these challenges in our energy and clearing work daily, setting aside hours every day to do so. We are in a race of change and a transition process where the ones, knowing what they do, will have an advantage. So, we become the ones in the know and by that the ones that, by our daily effort, ensure the continuation of our system and the broad group of different lineages, albeit perhaps not in the ways we would like it to run.

As always, the ones that step up are the ones that will take the energetic hurdle and burden. The first of many is not for the meek, or the weak, but for the ones that are ready to go first for the highest good of the many – succeeding or failing – it does not matter.

This understanding is the baseline for the De1 New Reality Processes, where I explore different systemic-energetic  issues related to the continuation of the universal lineages within our sector. The Higher Order Psychic-Energetic Method is the foundation of the proposed solutions, along with the HAL Progression Sciences and the Progression Work.

How to Live with the New Reality of Density 1 Energies?

How do we get structured in our everyday life to reach our full potentials?

Lots of new ways of being human to learn as the patterns of change unfold around us.

The Key Words are:

1) Structure your day - be realistic in what is possible

2) Minimize your use of base program energy - transform into the higher order energies

3) Whatever you do use - use it to change the existing paradigms

4) Have a healthy life style (plant-based diet, dialy exercise and clearing work)

5) Clear and rebuild as much as possible per day rate

Live by the ideas of the HAL Project Blue Flower.... In this way, you set an example of the best version a human can be. The first step in the work with the New Reality Challenges is to be a role model of the better ways of being human. We live by the sciences of what must be done, and we implement them into our everyday living.

Someone Has to Go First - for the Highest Good of the Many 

As always, the ones that step up are the ones that will take the energetic hurdle and burden. The first of many is not for the meek, or the weak, but for the ones that are ready to go first for the highest good of the many – succeeding or failing – it does not matter as long as we try, and give it our best shot.

For us, the pioneers, the changemakers and the forerunners, the important thing is that we do what we can to ensure a future for this system. We work to ensure that the different lineages will continue. Lineages, that once thrived in this system under the banner of progression, equal rights for all, and higher order sciences.

The HOPE DE1 Reality Sun & Star Courses

The NR Challenges Sun

- the Basic Understanding

In this course focus is on the challenges coming from the Sun. The goal is to be able to transform the lower order fields into their higher order equivalent so we can withstand and deal with the changes.

Read more in the Course Overview.

The NR Challenges

- The Star Gates

In this course, the focus is on the challenges the field configurations, following the opening of the original DE1 Bridges and Stargates. Reality fields are built of radiation and vibration energies.

Read more in the Course Overview.

You learn via the HOPE Course Material. Each Course consists of text material, podcasts and Q&As where you can ask the in-depth questions to the material and I will assist you in getting further in your learning processes with special tailored answers meant for you and your process.

You study in your own pace. I will send the material to you and get you connected to Vimeo. If you are in need of support, please connect to me and I will guide you on the how-to.

The HOPE Material is provided via PDF and Podcasts, teaching the concepts in theory and via practical exercises. All HOPE Courses have inbuilt personal contact and Q&As.

All HOPE DE1 Material has the Option of extra Personal Sessions and Mentoring via the HOPE Progressive-Energetic Sessions.

We communicate over the Internet, via Skype or Email.

You sign up by paying the fee for each course via the provided link to Stripe (similar to PayPal).

When Stripe has notified me, you get a welcome email from me, giving the details of how to get access to the podcasts on Vimeo, along with the course material.

Buy Extra Email Session

If you are in need of more personal answers, you can buy an additional email session

The idea is that you write an email to me, explaining in details what you have doubts about, or something you need a new angle of perception or something entirely else, suitable for this small email session.


Naturally, if you need more in depth solutions to your inner work, the email session will fall short. I recommend you study the HAL Progression Work and the HOPE Work Ideas to get you further.

A good idea is to meditate upon where you want to go with the email session. Set a goal for it and how you can work with the answers. 


I will answer your questions with either an email, a recorded 15 min audio file or both if there is something I need to explain in details.

Any Questions to the HOPE DE1 Reality Courses?

Please write me an email, if you have questions to the Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Ideas or Methods.