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- demands new skill sets and new approaches to self and others


The Higher Order DE1 Work Institute 

- A New Way of Upgrading and Progressing into New Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Perception of Reality.


The Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Awareness &

 the Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Approach

1 out of 10 people on the planet are now on some kind of new reality configuration and this transition of humanity will lead to new sciences, and understandings of what it means to be human.

So, the question is:

How do you tailor your life and work to become part of the new future of humanity with profound new concepts of reality?

To meet up with the requirements of the changes of the new reality, the new societies and the challenges in front of us, we need humans with:

  • Broader psychic-energetic skills & abilities.
  • High-functionality &  resilience.

New Sciences must be invented to solve the new needs of progression.

However, at the same time, we need humans that remember the original solar humanities´ ways of working with energy, consciousness.

The Higher Awareness Lifestyle (the HAL Academy) & the Higher Order DE1 Work is part of this task.

We must learn to work with energy, if we are to have a say in the future to come. 

Heading Towards a Better Future for Humanity

In the Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Work, the focus is on the reality field developmental processes, leading to the higher order systemic-energetic awareness. We begin the process of learning the new higher order perception skills by seeking to find the best answers to our research of the other worlds. From these new critical questions and the answers we find, we learn to deal with the new challenges as a systemic race. 

In our work to achieve the higher awareness, we are to learn the sciences of the new reality and the psychology of the functional higher awareness human.

We must take on the task of “reforming” and reconstructing what we are, from a psychosocial level to a systemic-energetic level, working to transform who we are, how we are around others and how we administer the natural resources of our planet.

We live the everyday life with the higher awareness switched on, living in this world with access to the expanded universe, its races and otherworldly realms.

Thus, the higher awareness lifestyle includes healthy lifestyle, the new sciences and new psychology to truly implement the new ways of being human.

We Are Definitely NOT Alone in this Universe

We are yet to learn how the new realities and their reality programs work. We are stuck in the old version of reality perception, tailored, narrated, and envisioned by general science. We must learn new ways of perceiving reality, and learn the higher order sciences of what life is, how reality fields work, and what it truly means to be a progressive and evolving higher order lifeform, as part of the original elevation cycles.

Now, this is NOT spirituality – these systems of thought were part of an older extraterrestrial agenda, along with otherworldly projects performed in our reality under the cloaking of these programs – what we are to learn in this book is something entirely new.

To Really Be Able to Understand the Otherworlds,

We Must Develop a Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Approach and Higher Order Systemic-Energetic Awareness to Grasp the Sciences and Technologies of these Worlds.

The Higher Order

New Reality Sciences

Throughout time, many people have tried to bridge the ancient solar system civilizations, and their other worlds, to our understanding of reality in tales, stories, mythical narratives, and spiritual practices.

These groups of storytellers and practitioners did this to remind us of our true ancestry and that we can move beyond this realm and into other worlds of existence. And yet the present-day reality perceptions have almost completely omitted the possibilities of such other worlds along with their advanced civilizations.

We must take on the task of reconstructing what we are, from a psychosocial level to a systemic-energetic level, working to transform who we are, how we are around others and how we administer the natural resources of our planet. Because, as things are now, we are going nowhere. So far, we have failed in our attempts on this planet.

My ideas cannot be classified as pseudo-scientific, conspiratorial, or as wrongful interpretations of the peer reviewed accepted sciences; they are the next steps of the expanded spectrum of complex information systems, and the higher order levels of knowledge, humans can grow into. The work, I do, builds upon the work of the ones that have gone before me, and I am set to drive it further. I am a Changemaker and this site holds some of the patterns of change, that are needed to get humanity to the next level of their evolutionary journey. They are narratives of energy and holographic coding.

The Higher Order Progressive-Energetic Blog

Get started with some Backgtound Concepts & Requirements

In all progressive systems, the reality fields are constructed within the modalities of possibilities and probabilities and the ensuing probable outcome they can unfold within the settings of the larger holographic resonance fields, which lie beneath all manifest realities.

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The HOPE DE1 New Reality Sciences

Get started with the New Concepts & Requirements

We have much to learn about the new reality that is developing above, beyond, around, and below us. The patterns are clear: what we have learned was everyday life is no longer the prevailing scheme of human reality. 

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The HOPE DE1 Consulting

Talk About the New Concepts & Requirements

Change is a process of learning new habits based upon new self-perception and frameworks of perception.

Yet, we need to go futher than that, what we are, and move into how we affect the reality fields around us, and how the reality fields around us affect us.

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The future of humanity holds promises of precipitous learning curves, the processes of learning new ways of being human, challenges psychologically, and practically.

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We work together to change the timelines of the future. Once we understand that the path of humanity, right now, leads to nothing but dead ends for our civilization, we also understand that actions must be taken to change that.

We also work to bring the higher order sciences to people’s attention and the how-to assist for a better future for this and the next generations of humans.