Unlock Your Hidden Potentials

- Do HAL Progression Work & HAL Advanced Psychotherapy Sessions to Reach Your Progression Goals

Licensed Psychotherapist,

BA of Theology,

Examined Studies in

Human Resources, Management,

Business & Administration



What Does it Really Take to Activate? Can we Achieve our Full Potentials?

These are the Questions We Work with in the HAL Advanced Sessions.

As of July 2022, expect up to 60 days before new openings for sessions are available. 

Who can do the HAL Sessions?

The HAL Start-Up and the HAL Advice & Support Sessions are for all.

In the HAL Start-Up, we talk about what the Progression Work is, and what is required to begin this work.

In the HAL Advice and Support Sessions, we talk about some of the issues of living with a higher awareness, but on a very rudimentary level, without going too deep.

The Progression Work & The Advanced Psychotherapy Sessions are only for HAL Academy Students

Due to the advanced level of work, the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy Sessions are only for HAL Academy Students, having completed the HAL Transition Science Courses, and as a minimum have completed the HAL Basic Energy Work. Preferably have begun the HAL Advanced Activation & Clearing Work Courses.


A New Form Of Psychotherapy

If I told you that 1 out of 10 people on the planet are now on some kind of new timeline and this transition of humanity will lead to new sciences, and understandings of what it means to be human?

So, the question is: How can you begin your journey to become part of the future outside our planet and current restrictions?

To meet up with the requirements of the planetary changes coming our way, the new societies and the challenges that are being put in front of us, we need humans with:

  • Broader psychic-energetic skills & Abilities
  • Cross-spectre educations.
  • High-functionality & psychic-energetic resilience.

However, at the same time, we need humans that remember the original solar humanity ways of working with energy, consciousness and the true lifeforces and it is within that spectrum the Higher Awareness Lifestyle has its place.

We must learn to work with energy, if we are to have a say in the future to come. 

I work according to the original systemic ways of being human in this solar system and the original ways we build worlds to transform energy into its highest purity rate, following the highest standards and the highest progression rate of our lineages.

What is the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy?

In the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy, we work with the past, present and future psychic-energetic abilities suitable for an advanced civilization. We work to develop our full potentials.

It is time to learn new ways of being human.

About the HAL Advanced Psychotherapy Ideas

The first step of the higher order integration process is to accept that reality is more than just the obvious and what we can see and sense with our 5 senses.

Then we are to learn and relearn the higher order concepts of self, others and reality.

The Future is more than just technology and sciences - it is carried by highly functional & skilled humans. Humans with the knowledge of how to work with energy and a higher awareness, making them strong, clever and empathic with the will to strife for progression & innovation.


A HAL Advice & Support Session

In the HAL Support & Advice Session, we talk about the issue you want to understand better to make the right decision or choice. We talk it over to find useful solutions and perhaps some answers to get your further in your personal developmental process.

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A HAL Progression Work Session

The goals are to achieve efficiency in your progresiion work and to give structured feed-back in your activation processes and your progression work strategies. 

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A HAL Psychotherapy Session

In the Advanced Psychotherapy Session, we work with the lower & higher order psychic-energetic dynamics of your lower and higher order energy systems to find the core issues of your current-life situation, challenges and what holds you back from reaching your full potentials as a progressing human.

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Work with Me over 3 Months

Over the 3 months, we work with the psychic-energetic dynamics in order to reveal your hidden potentials. The program includes clairvoyant counseling, transformative conversation and amplification of your energy system, past lives and current issues.

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What is the HAL Progression Work?

Learn the HAL Progression Work Sciences

To unlock our full potentials, we must learn to work with energy and consciousness again. A journey towards our true capacities and original purpose as progressive humans in this solar system.

How Do We Progress to Develop a Better Future?

We must become Changemakers for a Better Future, which means new forms of developmental projects, innovation and social entrepreneurship. 

It is time to generate new perceptions of reality & how we administer our joint resources..

Want to Learn More Higher Order Sciences?

The HAL Academy Courses are aimed at the ones who are ready to develop their cross-educational skills within the framework of the Higher Order Xciences & Alternate Reality Perception.

The HAL Academy Material explores and expands our perception of reality from a completely new angle of the higher order realities.



A better future demands new understandings of what a human is, and we are to develop into this knowledge. It also demands new sciences and new perceptions. All of which are hidden in our higher order capacities. 

The channel gives ideas and insights in how to do and what we could do, if we chose to do so.


The HAL Advanced Psychotherapy Facebook Page has information from many places.

The idea is to create narratives of our world from a higher awareness perspective to provide new concepts of what it means to be human in a world of inner and outer transition. All that we are must transform.